Data is the fuel of the digital economy. GBG enables clients to connect instantly to over 300 third-party datasets, helping our clients focus on improving their customers’ experience whilst adhering to their own internal risk management, fraud or compliance procedures.

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Every day, around the world, trillions of decisions are taken about people. The decision making process will increasingly rely upon solid intelligence, drawn from the ever increasing volumes of data available to organisations.

Our clients

We currently support over 6,000 customers across the world, in both private and public sector.

The organisations we serve need identity data intelligence to protect themselves from financial crime or regulatory non-compliance and to improve the overall experience they offer customers - with the ultimate goal of improving their overall business.

Our technology spans employee screening, customer on-boarding and fraud management across all B2C sectors. We support customers globally in traditional banking, government, utilities, retail and transport as well as newly emerging industries such as eCommerce, online gaming, cryptocurrency and mobile payments.

As we have grown, our most successful clients have grown and many of our client relationships stretch back more than 20 years.

How we view identity

Identity can be defined as the characteristics by which an individual is known. Today, several elements build our identity and every individual has thousands of characteristics that can be gleaned from a wide range of data sources. The more identity data points analysed, the better informed business decisions will be and the better the customer experience.

This is where identity data intelligence comes in. GBG’s technology takes identity data from multiple sources and enables organisations to make clear decisions about the customers they serve and the people they employ.


  • Fingerprints
  • Retina
  • Voice
  • DNA



  • Interests
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Usage patterns


  • Name & address
  • Passport
  • Social security
  • Education qualifications


  • Device ID
  • IP address
  • Social ID
  • Cookies

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