How we create value

We continuously build and nurture partnerships with data providers around the world to ensure the breadth of identity data at the heart of our technology is unrivalled.

Global reach

With increased global movement of people, the opening of new markets and the huge growth in cross border eCommerce, organisations need to know individuals are who they say they are. Of the six product and service areas that make up GBG’s core offering, four are currently equipped to work internationally, and it is our goal to build international data into the remaining two in the near term.

Everything GBG does has a global future. For example, our identity assurance proposition, CitizenSafe®, certified by the UK Government, enables users of government services to verify their identity instantly. It is currently a UK-based proposition but has equal application for any government, anywhere, that is looking to move its service delivery onto a digital platform.

GBG is building the runway for future growth. Once a platform is in place, solutions can be rolled out at low-cost across all markets.


It is not only our global reach that differentiates GBG from our competitors; we are specialists in our field. With our wide base of data partnerships, we lead the market. We bring together more data than anyone else in our field; we are data agnostic – meaning our technology is designed to assimilate and analyse data from any source and in any format. We continuously develop new propositions, often in collaboration with our customers so they can respond to fast-changing market and regulatory requirements.

Whilst competitors may be larger than GBG, they have a more limited data pool from which to source intelligence. We are trusted partners of the numerous external organisations who share data with us. This also includes strong relationships with our largest competitors; while we compete with them for specific solutions, we also see them as strategic partners for identity related data, especially credit data. This concept of “coopetition” – co-operation with competitors – places GBG as the leader at the very heart of the global identity data intelligence market.


Our identity is no longer defined simply by a name, address or phone number. Mobile devices, email and social IDs, online behavioural patterns and biometric data increasingly identify us. Mass adoption of new sharing economy and mobile services are redefining global commerce.

GBG is perfectly placed to support the new digital economy. We enable companies to take new business models to market. Failure to adapt means running the risk of being leapfrogged by those who do.

New proposition development and continued innovation is vital in our industry. We approach this internally within our own technology team; approximately 30 per cent of our staff work in technology development – fundamentally our R&D resource. But we also develop partnerships in key areas of expertise, particularly relating to use of data in specific application areas like Politically Exposed or Sanctioned Persons ('PEPs') and understanding what is happening on the ‘dark web’ with regards to client data so we can understand what we need to develop to help protect us all.